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The price of the accommodation contains the costs of laundering the bedlinen.

Given prices contain 8% VAT.

The charge for the left luggage office is 5,00 PLN

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Laundry fee 20.00 PLN (capsule and fabric softener included)



Bydgoszcz Youth Hostel

Sowińskiego Street 5

85-083 Bydgoszcz
Tel. +48 52 566 95 80, fax +48 52 566 95 85



The hostel day lasts from 5PM until 10AM
Silence must be kept from 11PM to 6AM


We would like to inform all our Guests that Bydgoszcz Youth Hostel is closed every Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. All 'check-in' should be made after 4 PM.


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At that moment the hostel has at it's disposal 90 dormitories in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 personal rooms. Three single chambers contain bathrooms with full sanitary equipment. All single and double rooms are equipped with TV sets.

The general part consists of roomy and functional entrance and reception hall, common room, dining room with a modern, self-service kitchen and sanitary objects e.g. Wash-stands, showers, toilets.

It's also possible to use conference room, as well as receive touristic information, purchase stamps on PTSM ID cards, here you can get PTSM ID cards or IYHF cards. The hostel provides wireless internet access (Wi-Fi).

The Youth Hostel in Bydgoszcz is the multiple laureate of the highest honorable mention within the framework of the polish-wide competition of full year objects.

Our hostel is one of many international hostels registered in worldwide organisation „Hostelling International”. We guarantee our guests nice an professional service. Thanks to good location the YH is very often visited by different tourists from Poland and foreign countries. Situated in the centre of the city, YH is the best point to start foot excursions.



1. Check – in is made from 16.00 to 21.00 ( in justified cases – 24 hours a day )

2. The hostel day lasts from 17.00 to 10.00 the next day. Persons who stay at the hotel are obliged to obey the registration law, exclusively after showing the ID, passport, PYHA membership card with a photo or a valid insurance certificate.

3. Silence must be kept at the hostel from 23,00 to 6.00

4. Boys and girls are provided by the receptionist with separate accommodation for the night.

5. The meals are prepared only in the hostel kitchen, consuming the meals takes place in the canteen.

6. Using the heaters and the open fire and reorganizing the equipment in rooms is strictly prohibited.

7. No animals are allowed to enter the hotel.

8. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.

9. The chaperon or individual tourists pay for all breakages and damage to the youth hostel property.

10. The youth hostel takes responsibility only for items and money left for on deposit.

11. The warden may request the member whose conduct is improper or who infringes the hostel's rules to leave the hostel. Additionally, in case of school children he informs the school or organization concerned about this fact.

12. Persons who stay at the hostel may put their positive and negative feedback in the complaints book, which can be found at the hostel’s reception. In controversial issues it’s sent to the education office.

13. In all cases not included in the Regulations and connected with staying at the hostel, keeping order, protection of the possessions, obeying the rules of social contacts, persons who stay at the hostel are obliged to follow the orders of the warden.


About Youth Hostel

The Youth Hostel is located at No 5, Sowińskiego Street in Bydgoszcz. It was built about one hundred years ago, so it has got a historical character. It is an impressive neogothic building with two storeys, where the last one is partialy limited by the slopping roof.

This object is used as a hostel from 1962. Due to capital renovation in second half of 80 years, as well as constant maintenance, it was possible to create the high standard of the hostel.


Some history of the building

The building is located in the city centre of Bydgoszcz, It was built between 1896-1898 as the seat of Dual Folk School No. 6 called 'Karlschule'. In 1896, E. Reichert and a city construction engineer Carl Meyer decided to build a school at the Saviour Square (the German Karlplatz). After a few years the property was administratively assigned to today's J. Sowiński Street.

According to the original idea, a new building was to be designed for Dual Folk School (German: Doppel Volksschule) - comprised of two separate schools, one for girls and one for boys. These were: The Sixth Folk Male School (German Sechste Knabenvolksschule) and The Sixth Folk Female School (German Sechste Mädchenvolksschule). In the building there was an equal number of identical function rooms designed for both schools - male and female. The common name of the school was 'The Charles School' (German Karlschule). It was placed in the middle of the front elevation.

Since1921, two German schools identically called 'Charles Primary School in the City Centre' had functioned in that building. The first one was a Catholic school, which existed until 1926, the second one was an Evangelical school, existed until 1924. Since 1925, a co-educational Polish Primary School under the name of Henryk Sienkiewicz was placed here.

In the school year 1936/1937 the school was divided into two similar schools. After 1945, two Primary Schools No. 2 and No. 3 were located in the building. In the years 1962-1963 the building was converted into a School Hostel Touring. Later, it's name was changed into Youth Hostel.


Tourist attractions
When you visit Bydgoszcz, you should remember that many famous people are related to our city, e.g. An excellent playwright and literature critic – Adam Grzymała-Siedlecki, a composer – K. Szymanowski or a great painer – Leon Wyczółkowski.

The monuments are grouped at the Brda River and in the area of Old Town. The building of Privinence Public Library was built in 1778 and originally functioned as a court. Late gothic church is placed at Farna Street (1466-1502). The chapel of Saint Cross was saved from the chapels. In the main chapel three are: the Image of God's Mother with a rose (1466), rococo pulpit from XVIII c. And seven side altars from XVII and XVIIc. Along Przyrzecze Street at the Brda Młyńska you can admire the group of antique buildings. One of the oldest churches in Bydgoszcz is situated at Długa Street. Built in 1522, it was initially gothic, then it was rearranged many times. The fragment of city fortification, with tower from Xvc., is placed between Pod Blankami Street and Wały Jagiellońskie Street.

At the Brda River there are three antique granaries, the oldest canes from XVIIc. The church of Clarists is located at the corner of Gdańska and Jagiellońska Streets. It was evected in 1582-1602 as late gothic, later extended in renaissance style. In the central altar – the coronation of God's Mother and the Birth of Jesus from XVIIc. A beautiful, hammered grid separates the presbitery from..... nave (1651). Near the church there is a museum, which has the biggest in our country collection of L. Wyczółkowski's works.

It is barely the part of buildings, that are worth seeing. Perhaps you become interested in fact, that every year many music events take place in Bydgoszcz, e.g. The Festival of Polish Music, and from 1966 an international festival of music of the countries that were the part of central and Gastern Europe („Musica Antiqua Europae Orientalis”). These festivals are held in the Philharmonic Hall at Szwalbego Street. One of the few groups of old music „Capella Bydgostiensis” exists at this Philharmonic. There you can also find the collection of the antique instruments, the gallery of sculpture and the portraits of composers.


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