szkolne schronisko młodzieżowe


  1. Check – in is made from 16.00 to 21.00 ( in justified cases – 24 hours a day )

  2. The hostel day lasts from 17.00 to 10.00 the next day. Persons who stay at the hotel are obliged to obey the registration law, exclusively after showing the ID, passport, PYHA membership card with a photo or a valid insurance certificate.

  3. Silence must be kept at the hostel from 23,00 to 6.00

  4. Boys and girls are provided by the receptionist with separate accommodation for the night.

  5. The meals are prepared only in the hostel kitchen, consuming the meals takes place in the canteen.

  6. Using the heaters and the open fire and reorganizing the equipment in rooms is strictly prohibited.

  7. No animals are allowed to enter the hotel.

  8. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.

  9. The chaperon or individual tourists pay for all breakages and damage to the youth hostel property.

  10. The youth hostel takes responsibility only for items and money left for on deposit.

  11. The warden may request the member whose conduct is improper or who infringes the hostel's rules to leave the hostel. Additionally, in case of school children he informs the school or organization concerned about this fact.

  12. Persons who stay at the hostel may put their positive and negative feedback in the complaints book, which can be found at the hostel’s reception. In controversial issues it’s sent to the education office.

  13. In all cases not included in the Regulations and connected with staying at the hostel, keeping order, protection of the possessions, obeying the rules of social contacts, persons who stay at the hostel are obliged to follow the orders of the warden.

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