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About Youth Hostel

The Youth Hostel is located at No 5, Sowińskiego Street in Bydgoszcz. It was built about one hundred years ago, so it has got a historical character. It is an impressive neogothic building with two storeys, where the last one is partialy limited by the slopping roof.

This object is used as a hostel from 1962. Due to capital renovation in second half of 80 years, as well as constant maintenance, it was possible to create the high standard of the hostel.

Some history of the building

The building is located in the city centre of Bydgoszcz, It was built between 1896-1898 as the seat of Dual Folk School No. 6 called 'Karlschule'. In 1896, E. Reichert and a city construction engineer Carl Meyer decided to build a school at the Saviour Square (the German Karlplatz). After a few years the property was administratively assigned to today's J. Sowiński Street.

According to the original idea, a new building was to be designed for Dual Folk School (German: Doppel Volksschule) - comprised of two separate schools, one for girls and one for boys. These were: The Sixth Folk Male School (German Sechste Knabenvolksschule) and The Sixth Folk Female School (German Sechste Mädchenvolksschule). In the building there was an equal number of identical function rooms designed for both schools - male and female. The common name of the school was 'The Charles School' (German Karlschule). It was placed in the middle of the front elevation.

Since1921, two German schools identically called 'Charles Primary School in the City Centre' had functioned in that building. The first one was a Catholic school, which existed until 1926, the second one was an Evangelical school, existed until 1924. Since 1925, a co-educational Polish Primary School under the name of Henryk Sienkiewicz was placed here.

In the school year 1936/1937 the school was divided into two similar schools. After 1945, two Primary Schools No. 2 and No. 3 were located in the building. In the years 1962-1963 the building was converted into a School Hostel Touring. Later, it's name was changed into Youth Hostel.

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